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    National wood and forest product of chemical quality supervision & inspection center(Sanming)(National quality inspection center for short) is the only national quality supervision and inspection institution for wood and forest product of chemical which was approved to build in Sanming by General administration of quality supervision,inspection and quarantine of People’s Republic of China.It was set up on the basis of Sanming products quality supervision and inspection institute.   

Series of wood-based panel:
     Plywood, Plywood for container flooring, Plywood for concrete form, Decorative veneered wood-based panel, Difficult-flammability plywood, Plywood for solid wood composite flooring, Plywood for railway passenger coach, Plywood for tea package, Plywood for pingpang packet, Plywood for pingpang packet, Plybamboo for concrete form, Plybamboo for bottom boards of trucks and buses, Strip plybamboo for bottom boards of trucks and buses, Plybamboo form, Blockboard, Laminated veneer lumber, Sheathing plywood for timber structures, Moulding plywood, Corrugated wood fibre hardboard, Coconut shell fiberboard, Ultra-low density fiberboard, Fire-retardant medium density fiberboard fiberboard, Fiberboard, Hard fiberboard, Thin type hardboard, Fiberboard for floor, Embossed fiberboard, Particleboard, Oriented standard board, Gypsum particleboard, Faced particleboard for ship, Wheat/rice-straw particleboard, Molding articles from wood particle Interior use, Surface decorated wood-based panels with paper impregnated thermosetting resins, Decorative high –pressure laminates(HPL)-sheets based on thermosetting resins, Unsaturated polyester resin decorative wood-based panel, Decorative wood-based panel with polyvinyl chloride film, Decorative bamboo veneered panel, Reconstituted decorative veneer, Rotary cut veneer, Sliced veneer, Sewing machine table for industry.
Series of flooring:
    Solid wood flooring, Wooden flooring for gymnasium,Parquet,Laminate floor covering,Laminated impregnated paper strawboard composite floor,Bamboo floor,Installation,inspection and usage guidelines for wooden flooring,Wood finger joint flooring,Veneer-laminated wood-based flooring,Surface decorated wood-based wall-board,Cork floor,Wood based flooring for ground with heating system.
Series of forest product of chemical:
     Gum rosin, Maleated rosin, Gum rosin from P. elliottii, Alter-property for phenol -formaldehyde rosin(210# Rosin), Gum turpentine, Analytical methods for turpentine, Terpene hydrocarbon resin, Pine tar, Ternineol, Wooden granular activated carbon for refining of sodium glutamate, Wooden activated carbon for water purification, Activated carbon for refining of sugar, Activated carbon for refining of wood sugar, Activated carbon for refinement of injection, Powdered activated carbon used for sodium glutamate,Wood adhesives: Urea-formaldehyde, phenol- formaldehyde and melamine- formaldehyde resins, Polyvinyl acetate emulsion for wood working, Water based polymer-isocyanate adhesives for wood.
Series of wood :
     Identify tree species.

  • Undertake the task of national and wood industry supervise sampling inspection of wood-based panel and forest product of chemical specified by related government departments.
  • Accept the commission to inspect wood-based panel and forest product of chemical at home and abroad.
  • Undertake arbitration inspection for wood-based panel and forest product of chemical whose quality were controversial in business contracts.
  • Undertake the task of technical consultation and technical service about wood-based panel and forest product of chemical.
  • Provide technical training for wood-based panel and forest product of chemical quality inspection persons and organize activitise of technical exchange about wood-based panel and forest product of chemical at home and abroad.

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